Will It Come

I know that you’re tired
I know that you’re weary
I know that you’ve waited
A long lonely time

I know that you’re wondering
I know that you’re crying
I know that you need me
To tell you it’s fine

Will it come and stay
Chase the shadows away
And take down the curtains
That keep light at bay

You ask in the morning
You ask late at night
You ask when I’m sleeping
When I’ve turned out the light

You’ll never stop asking
Till we’re dead in the ground
You’ll never stop wondering
Where peace can be found

I’ve told you before
And I’ll you again
I’ll tell you forever
I’ll tell you my friend

It will come and stay
And keep the shadows away
I’m certain together
We can keep dark at bay

But you have to turn over
And turn out the light

I’m begging you baby
Just turn out the light


Good days

Dare I dream that life will be

Dare I hope that they might flee

Dreams that come and fill my night

Dreams that make me hide from sight

Dare I think that it might come

Dare I greet the morning sun

Settled now my thoughts will be

All is well ‘tween you and me


The End

You need to know

that the rain will come

and cleanse your soul

it will sting and burn

and hurt you so

and in the end

you’ll think you know

and then you’ll see

how real it was

and then you’ll laugh

until your bones

ache and burn

and hurt you so

and so you’ll laugh

then cry

until you know

that the end has come

and you’ll wish you’d known

that when it’s done

you’ll cry some more

that when it’s done

you’ll laugh and cry

that when it’s done

you’ll finally know

how true it was

and then you’ll see,

you’ll see your past

and then you’ll cry

your very last



Coffee Time


I don’t judge

No sirree

People are

Who they are

I don’t judge

No sirree

What’s that you say?


The lump is back


Broken teeth


Lips are thin

Anger’s in


Listen please


From Cadle Street

To old Town Hill

Safety found

In Gwyrosydd still


There is no time


I don’t judge

My lips are thin

Shadow puppets

Soon swarm in


Please listen


I need a life

You have to see

You’re the first

She waved at me


I think it’s back 


Peronni please

Then I’ll  drive

I do not judge

My lips are thin


Tick tock


She came home drunk

Many times

Popeye Phil

Fell down the hill


Time’s run out


Don’t judge

Hate self

Love all

Please call


I feel the lump


It  unravels

If I look at it


Deadly Mission

Poison flows throughout the blood,

A deadly mission,

Of that no doubt.


Needle hurts going in,

Days that follow taste like tin.

Escape the body,

Calm the mind,

Call the nurse,

Some are kind.

My numbers say it’s worth the pain,

I nod along to convince my brain.


Poison done and  drip comes out,

There is a future,

Must not doubt.

One More Kiss

Secret thoughts, guilty lies,

I turn the head and avoid the eyes,

I said I was sorry but it didn’t mean much

Is there time for one more kiss?


Tell myself I have the right,

Tell myself that no one died.

I said I was sorry but it didn’t mean much

Will you give me one more kiss?


So sorry now you caught me in another lie

So sorry now I made you really want to die

So sorry now but I really need to ask for this

Can there be another kiss?

I won’t ask for more,

A final kiss.



No Amends

Pours a wine

Hard to find

Knows he left

Not her best

Takes a drink


What he said

Not again

Bright light tonight


Searches every night

But she is denied

No choice

Couldn’t take her voice

Now he will not leave

He’s in her head

He wishes that

He were dead

Bright light tonight


Dreams of other men

He must make amends

Holds his hand once more

Now she’s truly bored

Tried so long

Couldn’t be that strong

And she’s in his head

And he’s nearly dead

Bright light tonight


Bright light tonight


Love Story

I love my Mam and Dad,

Although they made me sad

Some time ago

I think they know

I love my Mam and Dad


I thank my Mam and Dad

Although some days were bad

Long time ago

We all must grow

I thank my Mam and Dad


I’ll miss my Mam and Dad

Of that I’m truly glad

As  nights draw in

And I grow thin

I’ll miss my Mam and Dad

I will

I am more than in the here and now

I am more than just last week

I am more than what you think of me

I am more than what you seek

I am the one who lived my childhood

I am the one who worked so hard

I am the one who thought she knew the truth

I am the one who dropped her guard

I will be the highest part of me

I will be the strongest one

I will be the things I need to be

My story isn’t done