Will It Come

I know that you’re tired
I know that you’re weary
I know that you’ve waited
A long lonely time

I know that you’re wondering
I know that you’re crying
I know that you need me
To tell you it’s fine

Will it come and stay
Chase the shadows away
And take down the curtains
That keep light at bay

You ask in the morning
You ask late at night
You ask when I’m sleeping
When I’ve turned out the light

You’ll never stop asking
Till we’re dead in the ground
You’ll never stop wondering
Where peace can be found

I’ve told you before
And I’ll you again
I’ll tell you forever
I’ll tell you my friend

It will come and stay
And keep the shadows away
I’m certain together
We can keep dark at bay

But you have to turn over
And turn out the light

I’m begging you baby
Just turn out the light


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