Crazy Campers

Heart aches for white wine pizza,

Crazy talk by a sunshine pool while

Smokey joe holds court.

Home now, missing everything

So drink too much.

Not enough,

The usual bottomless pit

Of something

Fails to mend.

Sour mouth, hurting head

I  reset the clock again

Praying I’m not too late.



The First Day

The day is done, it’s time for bed,

for once my head

is free of dust,

but sleep I must.

The dog still wakes me up at four,

she paws the door,

my legs are stiff,

the stairs a cliff.

A morning coffee helps my mood,

though I want food,

I wait awhile,

I try to smile.


The Warehouse

There was nowhere else to turn

he thought the gun was dead

if a gun can be dead

it felt dead

it was limp in his hands


The warehouse was empty now

the guy had turned

they always did

a trashcan to the neck

was all it took these days,

sometimes more


Locked and loaded

easy like a tunafish

nothing more

the riverboat chimed to the sound of ten


Far away,

she dreams of other days

of a time when he was small

before the ten pipe master dared to call

everyone hurts

so they say

he should have been home by ten


The telephone rings at the crack of dead


A dream is a hope

a dream is a dread

she touches his face

dusty with lead

Bottomless Pit

Diving down narrow tube gasping breath must choke,

Rusty nails on threadbare skin, heart a ragged cloth

Hounds afoot chasing dreams,  no room now for doubt

Things can change, I think they must

Sunlight falters, turns to dust



Will It Come

I know that you’re tired
I know that you’re weary
I know that you’ve waited
A long lonely time

I know that you’re wondering
I know that you’re crying
I know that you need me
To tell you it’s fine

Will it come and stay
Chase the shadows away
And take down the curtains
That keep light at bay

You ask in the morning
You ask late at night
You ask when I’m sleeping
When I’ve turned out the light

You’ll never stop asking
Till we’re dead in the ground
You’ll never stop wondering
Where peace can be found

I’ve told you before
And I’ll you again
I’ll tell you forever
I’ll tell you my friend

It will come and stay
And keep the shadows away
I’m certain together
We can keep dark at bay

But you have to turn over
And turn out the light

I’m begging you baby
Just turn out the light

Good days

Dare I dream that life will be

Dare I hope that they might flee

Dreams that come and fill my night

Dreams that make me hide from sight

Dare I think that it might come

Dare I greet the morning sun

Settled now my thoughts will be

All is well ‘tween you and me


The End

You need to know

that the rain will come

and cleanse your soul

it will sting and burn

and hurt you so

and in the end

you’ll think you know

and then you’ll see

how real it was

and then you’ll laugh

until your bones

ache and burn

and hurt you so

and so you’ll laugh

then cry

until you know

that the end has come

and you’ll wish you’d known

that when it’s done

you’ll cry some more

that when it’s done

you’ll laugh and cry

that when it’s done

you’ll finally know

how true it was

and then you’ll see,

you’ll see your past

and then you’ll cry

your very last